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Processes, materials & failure analysis


Process evaluation and improvement

Our process experts are at your side to optimize, for instance, forming, joining, coating, machining and heat treatment processes. We support you in increasing the efficiency and quality of your manufacturing processes, reducing costs and at the same time minimizing negative environmental impacts.


Material suitability

At a time when materials play a key role in almost every industry, choosing the right materials for your products and projects is crucial. Our experienced materials experts are available to help you find the best material solutions for your requirements and are also happy to provide training for you.


Failure analysis

Our failure analysis experts evaluate parts to determine the causes of damage and failures. With our in-depth understanding of metallurgical processes and state-of-the-art analysis technologies, we help you develop effective solutions to prevent material damage and extend the life of your products.

Corrosion testing & electrochemistry


General electrochemistry

We offer a wide range of electrochemical testing methods for material characterization to evaluate the corrosion resistance, passivity and conductivity of materials.


Our experts use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to provide accurate and reliable data, which are crucial for proper material selection and
material optimization.


EPR method

The EPR process based on ASTM G108 is the heart of our services in the field of corrosion testing.


This innovative electrochemical testing method is specifically designed to determine the sensitivity of corrosion-resistant steels and nickel-based alloys to intergranular corrosion (IC) significantly faster and with greater accuracy than traditional immersion tests.


Immersion testing

Our immersion testing services include a variety of test methods, including, but not limited to, Streicher test, Huey test, Strauss test and oxalic acid test.


We carry out these tests in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as ASTM A28, ASTM A262,
ASTM G48 and ISO 3651 to evaluate the durability and quality of your materials in various environments and conditions.

Project management & auditing


Project management

We offer comprehensive support in the field of project management. Our offer includes general training and tips & tricks for project managers, especially for apparatus and plant construction.


In addition, we are available as external project managers to manage your projects with expertise and experience, minimize risks and ensure project success as well as mitigate short-term capacity bottlenecks.


Internal audits

As certified auditors, we offer to carry out internal quality audits to ensure that your processes and systems meet the highest quality standards.


Our audits help you to identify process weaknesses, identify potential for improvement and ensure compliance with relevant quality standards and ensure quality guidelines.


Our goal is to continually improve the quality of your products and services through our audit services.


External audits

As certified auditors, we evaluate your suppliers and their processes to ensure they meet your quality requirements.


In doing so, we help you build and maintain a reliable, high-quality supply chain.


Our external audits help to ensure the overall quality of your products and services.


We are also happy to provide inspections services & fabrication surveys directly at your suppliers, even at short notice.

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